Volunteer Info

Is your child between 18 & 36 months of age and showing no delays in their development? If so, you can help us develop new tools to measure behaviors young children show during play. We hope that the tools we develop will someday help clinicians better assess the effect of treatments to improve social behavior in children with autism.

Call it Baby’s First Volunteer Gig!

During the session, a research assistant will play with your child at a small table. First she will bring out two boxes of toys, one at a time, and let your child choose toys to play with. Next the research assistant will present a variety of toys and games to your child, one at a time, including some wind-up toys, a balloon, a spin-top, and a book. The play session will be videotaped and audio recorded.

It just takes an hour. Here’s all we need:

  • A signed research consent form
  • Three parent forms that ask questions about your child’s communication and play behavior
  • 45 minutes of playtime!

And that’s it! You will receive a $50 Target gift card as a thank you for your time. 

If you are interested in this study, or would like to find out more about it, please complete an application online and a member of our research staff will soon contact you.